of Project-FiFo has released version 0.9.3, which has more stable support for FreeBSD via vmadm. Project-FiFo is an open-source cloud management / orchestration system designed for SmartOS. See the link(s) below for more information.

Since its inception, Project-Fifo has run exclusively on Illumos based operating systems. At first Smartos, and later OmniOS and Oracle Solaris. Today we are happy to announce the immediate availability of release 0.9.3 and with it FreeBSD support.

FreeBSD and Illumos have always seemed to be good friends rather than competitors in the operating system landscape. Not only do you rarely hear something bad said about the other from the communities, but there is a healthy level of respect and cross-pollination going on. BSD Jails inspired Zones; Crossbow inspired VNet, there is now DTrace, kstat and ZFS on BSD, and bhyve on SmartOS.