This tutorial by user Matt Vas will show you how to configure a FEMP stack on FreeBSD version 11. A FEMP stack is a FreeBSD configured with Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

In this tutorial, I will describe the process of installing and configuring the FEMP stack on FreeBSD 11.x. FEMP software stack is an acronym which stands for a group of programs that are usually installed in Unix/Linux operating systems and mainly used for deploying dynamic web applications. In this case, the FEMP acronym refers to the FreeBSD Unix-like operating system, on top of which are installed these applications:

  • Nginx web server, which is a fast-growing popular web server mainly used for serving HTML content, but it can also provide load-balancing, high-availability or reverse-proxy for a web server or for other network services.
  • PHP dynamic programming language interpreter, used in the backend to manipulate databases data and create dynamic web content which can be included into plain HTML. PHP scripts are executed only on the server side, never in client side (in browsers)
  • Mariadb\MySQL RDBMS which is where the data is stored in backed, while the dynamic processing is handled by PHP. In this tutorial, we’ll install and use MariaDB relational database management system, a community fork of MySQL, in favor of MySQL database, which is now owned and developed by Oracle.


  • A minimal installation of FreeBSD 11.x.
  • A static IP Address configured for a network interface.
  • A regular account configured with root privileges or direct access to the system via root account.
  • Preferably, a publicly registered domain name configured with the minimal DNS records (A and CNAME records).

Step 1 – Install MariaDB Database …

Full tutorial: