This blog by Snyk Blog details the differences between various copyright licenses in the open source world. Which one should you choose for your open source project? Read the full blog at the link below to learn about the MIT, Apache 2, and BSD licenses.

MIT, Apache and BSD Compared

License Code Use, Modification & Distribution User Obligations Patent License Grant Linking code to other licenses Trademark Grants
Apache 2.0 Permissive. Must notify users of code modifications. Can’t remove copyright, patent, trademark and attribution notices Yes: Explicitly defined Permissive Not allowed
MIT Permissive Future licensed software must contains a copy of license and copyright notice Not explicitly defined Permissive Not mentioned. Advance permission required
BSD Permissive BSD 3-clause: avoid appearance that product is endorsed by the original developers Not explicitly defined* Permissive Not mentioned

(*) Facebook’s modified BSD+Patents license contains a specific, restrictive patent section.

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