User Egil Hasting, CTO of Synergy SKY, details how he integrated FreeBSD into Synergy SKY’s infrastructure. Some of the notable features which attracted him were freebsd-update, the up-to-date pkg repository, easy modification, ZFS integration, and the network stack. Read the full blog at the link below.

Synergy SKY offers multiple software solutions, however the one I am going to talk about here is an analytic solution for video related CDRs (Call Detail Records)…

Next up where FreeBSD – which a colleague had been tinkering with, for pure fun – installing FreeBSD 9, compiling anything from ground up on his home computer.

He was very positive about the concept of FreeBSD being a full OS, with a proper base system, well designed package system for building your own packages and the demarcation between OS and Userland package system, leaving the system easy to maintenance.  Also the jail technology and was interesting since we were investigating using docker as container on the server side, and looked at this as an option to that.

FreeBSD has given us the “it just works” experience, without sacrificing the full control.  It feels and behaves mature and stable with great performance!

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