The developers of GhostBSD have made available version 11.1 RELEASE. This version is packed with MATE and XFCE desktop environments, and 32-bit support has been dropped to allow for focus on the 64-bit architecture. The official GhostBSD software repository is now available, as well as VMware Workstation Guest features, various UFS features, ZFS, and several bug fixes. See the link below for the full release notes. You can download the ISO/image files here

After a year of development, testing, debugging and working on our software package repository, we are pleased to announce the release of GhostBSD 11.1 is now available on 64-bit(amb64) architecture with MATE and XFCE Desktop on direct and torrent download. With 11.1 we drop 32-bit i386 supports, and we currently maintain our software packages repository for more stability.

What’s new on GhostBSD 11.1

  • GhostBSD software repository
  • Support VMware Workstation Guest Features
  • New UFS full disk mirroring option on the installer
  • New UFS full disk  MBR and GPT option on the installer
  • New UFS full disk  swap size option on the installer
  • Whisker Menu as default Application menu on XFCE
  • All software developed by GhostBSD is now getting updated
  • ZFS configuration for disk

What has been fixed on 11.1?

  • Fix XFCE sound plugin
  • Installer ZFS configuration file setting
  • Installer ZFS setup appears to be incomplete
  • The installer was not listing ZFS disk correctly.
  • The installer The partition list was not deleted when pressing back
  • XFCE and MATE shutdown/suspend/hibernate randomly missing
  • Clicking ‘GhostBSD Bugs’ item in the Main menu -> ‘System Tools’ brings up ‘Server not found’ page
  • XFCE installation – incorrect keyboard layout
  • Locale setting not filling correctly
  • Update Station tray icon

Where to download?

The image checksum’s, hybrid ISO(DVD, USB) images are available at

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