This lengthy discussion from r/freebsd features users explaining various reasons why they chose FreeBSD over Linux. Here’s some of the popular comments, and you can view the entire thread at the link below.

Many, because of the community, which is super friendly. Because of the great documentation. Because I want to learn ZFS, which runs great on FreeBSD. Because is closest to a real Unix OS, no systemd, super secure (I use HardenedBSD), because it’s a complete OS. Because performance is great. – u/SoloBSD

I started to use it primarily as a primer for FreeNAS/pfsense administration. Stayed with it due to documentation and cohesive nature of all the things… Not saying FreeBSD is perfect as a primary desktop OS, but I’m learning a lot more about computers, networking, security, and storage. Also wouldn’t have read some Michael W Lucas books otherwise. – u/reptarju

Main reasons why you choose FreeBSD as a desktop OS over a Linux distro? from freebsd