Lumina Desktop Environment has shipped out version 1.4, which comes with a new theme engine as well as ZFS integrations. Other additions are the PDF viewer, packaging changes, themes repository, and more. Lumina is known for being the default Desktop Environment of TrueOS, which is based on FreeBSD. See the full list of changes at the link below.

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.4.0 of the Lumina Desktop Environment! This release contains a few major changes, plus a whole host of runtime optimizations, feature expansions, ZFS integrations, and more.

The Lumina Theme Engine (and associated configuration utility)

The Lumina theme engine is a new component of the “core” desktop, and provides enhanced theming capabilities for the desktop as well as all Qt5 applications. While it started out life as a fork of the “qt5ct” utility, it quickly grew all sorts of new features and functionality such as system-defined color profiles, modular theme components, and built-in editors/creators for all components. The backend of this engine is a standardized theme plugin for the Qt5 toolkit, so that all Qt5 applications will now present a unified appearance (if the application does not enforce a specific appearance/theme of it’s own). Users of the Lumina desktop will automatically have this plugin enabled: no special action is required.

Debuts with New Theme Engine and ZFS Integrations…

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