The FreeBSD Security Team has announced END-of-LIFE for FreeBSD version 11.0. Those who are still on 11.0 should upgrade to a newer release in order to continue receiving updates.

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Dear FreeBSD community,
As of Nov 30, 2017, FreeBSD 11.0 has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported by the FreeBSD Security Team.  Users of FreeBSD 11.0 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a newer release as soon as

The currently supported branches and releases and their expected end-of-life dates are:

As a reminder, FreeBSD changed the support model as of 11.0-RELEASE.
For additional information, please see

Please refer to for an up-to-date list of
supported releases and the latest security advisories.

- --
The FreeBSD Security Team

Official announcement: