The FreeBSD Foundation is close to meeting its fundraising goal for the year 2017. Consider donating, any amount will help FreeBSD continue to make an impact on the world. This year included: projects such as OpenZFS Raid-Z Expansion, Broadcom WiFI infrastructural improvements, global outreach & advocacy, keeping FreeBSD secure, devsummits, and more. Read the full message from Deb Goodkin, Executive Director of the FreeBSD Foundation, from the link below.

Dear FreeBSD Community,

I want to thank everyone who helped us kick off our year-end fundraising campaign by donating during #GivingTuesday! Your generosity raised over $8,000, from 110 donors. Let’s continue this fundraising momentum by helping us meet our 2017 fundraising goal of $1,250,000.

I’ve had the honor of running the FreeBSD Foundation for 12 years. My unique position has given me insight into not only the Foundation, but also the latest happenings in the FreeBSD Project, corporations, universities, and even other open source communities too. In fact, over the past year, I’ve traveled around the world talking to a wide variety of people about FreeBSD. From my myriad of conversations, I’ve learned what people are working on, why companies are using or switching to FreeBSD, what FreeBSD features and support is desired, and what are the long-term interests from government, universities, and companies. All of this information has not only validated the important work that we’re doing to advance FreeBSD, it has also helped us determine the areas the Foundation will focus on in 2018.


Please help us spread the word and consider making a donation today!

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