The developers of TrueOS have made available version 17.12. This version features improvements in OpenRC, boot speed, removable-device management, Lumina, SysAdm API integrations, and more. Head on over to the link below for more details. Download here.

We have also been working quite a bit on the server offering of TrueOS, and are pleased to provide new text-based server images with support for Virtualization systems such as bhyve! This allows for simple server deployments which also take advantage of the TrueOS improvements to FreeBSD such as:

  • Sane service management and status reporting with OpenRC
  • Reliable, non-interactive system update mechanism with fail-safe boot environment support.
  • Graphical management of remote TrueOS servers through SysAdm (also provides a reliable API for administrating systems remotely).
  • LibreSSL for all base SSL support.
  • Base system managed via packages (allows for additional fine-tuning).
  • Base system is smaller due to the removal of the old GCC version in base. Any compiler and/or version may be installed and used via packages as desired.
  • Support for newer graphics drivers and chipsets (graphics, networking, wifi, and more)

We are also pleased to announce the availability of TrueOS Sponsorships! If you would like to help contribute to the project financially we now have the ability to accept both one-time donations as well as recurring monthly donations which will help us advocate for TrueOS around the world.

Thank you all for using and supporting TrueOS!

~ The TrueOS Core Team

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