It’s time to move on to the 64-bit era. NVIDIA has announced end of driver support for 32-bit versions Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. Check out the articles from Softpedia and Phoronix for more details.

NVIDIA has recently announced that it’s ending support for 32-bit versions of the supported operating systems, with build 390 to be the last release for these platforms.

At this point, 32-bit operating systems that are still getting GeForce Game Ready Driver updates are Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, and FreeBSD.

NVIDIA said in an announcement that despite bug fixes and new features no longer being released for this platform, security patches will continue to be shipped until January 2019.

“After Release 390, NVIDIA will no longer release drivers for 32-bit operating systems for any GPU architecture. Later driver release versions will not operate, nor install, on 32-bit operating systems. Driver enhancements, driver optimizations, and operating system features in driver versions after Release 390 will not be incorporated back into Release 390 or earlier versions,” the company explained.