Phoronix reports that developers are working on FreeBSD support for Wayland’s Weston, a display server protocol. It appears that FreeBSD Weston patches are on the way. See the links below for the full story.

FreeBSD support for Weston is interesting with the Intel/Radeon DRM/KMS drivers maturing in the *BSD space as a prerequisite for good Wayland support. For these FreeBSD Weston patches, upstream Wayland developers have already expressed apprehension over merging the patches due to the greater maintenance burden and the upstream developers not being experienced with BSD development. It’s looking like a partial solution will be to merge some prep patches that add some preprocessor directives around some portions of the code that is Linux-specific. From there it’s easier for the FreeBSD ports folks to maintain their FreeBSD-enablement patches on their end.




FreeBSD Looks At Making Wayland Support Available By Default:

Phoronix discussion: