The developers of FreeBSD have made available the 3rd quarter status report for 2017. You will find reports from the Release Engineering Team, Ports Collection, FreeBSD Core Team, and FreeBSD Foundation. Some of the things mentioned are FreeBSD CI, Intel iWarp support, AMD Zen support, Absolute FreeBSD 3rd Edition, Puppet, fundraising efforts, and more. See the link below for the full detailed report.

FreeBSD Project Quarterly Status Report - 3rd Quarter 2017

   This quarter's FreeBSD developments continue to provide excitement and
   promise for further developments. I myself have a soft spot for manual
   pages, so it is especially good to see that we have gained some
   documentation for writing them (and I hope that this will translate to
   more and improved manual pages in the future!). The core@ entry is also
   of particular note, with the introduction of the FCP process and the
   recognition of the first non-committer FreeBSD Project Member (and
   more). Read on to find out more about these, as well as improved
   support for the AMD Zen family of processors (e.g., Ryzen), and a whole
   lot more!

   --Benjamin Kaduk

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report – Third Quarter 2017: