Jesse Smith of DistroWatch gives us an in depth review of the latest GhostBSD version 11.1, from installing, to package management, to applications. Check out the link below for the detailed report.

Most of my time with GhostBSD, I was impressed and happy with the operating system. GhostBSD builds on a solid, stable FreeBSD core. We benefit from FreeBSD’s performance and its large collection of open source software packages. The MATE desktop was very responsive in my trial and the system is relatively light on memory, even when run on ZFS which has a reputation for taking up more memory than other file systems.

There were a couple of weak links in GhostBSD’s chain, the big one being hardware compatibility. While the operating system worked very well in VirtualBox, I could not get it to boot on my desktop hardware, a problem I typically have with FreeBSD-based projects. I can often work around little issues when trying a new operating system, but only if it will boot. The second concern I had was with the package manager. OctoPkg works, but it is very minimal and it doesn’t make it particularly easy for new users to find the software they want. I’m hoping to see a more modern looking software centre in future versions of GhostBSD.

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