User tells us about his journey from Windows 10 to FreeBSD 11.1. He makes sure to successfully migrate any needed apps through a VM on bhyve, and imports configurations for cross-platform apps like Firefox. Those looking to make the switch, see if Nicholas’ story may help with the process.

I didn’t want to install Windows again, but something didn’t feel right about installing some flavour of Linux. Back at home I have a small collection of FreeBSD servers running in all sorts of jails and other physical hardware, with the exception of one Debian server which I had the hardest time dealing with (it would be FreeBSD too if 802.11ac support was there as it is acting as my WiFi/gateway/IDS/IPS). I loved my FreeBSD servers, and yes I will write posts about each one soon enough. I wanted that cleanliness and familiarity on my desktop as well (I really love the ports collection!). It’s settled – I will run FreeBSD on my laptop. This also created a new rivalry with my father, which is not a bad thing either.

Finally Moving Away From Windows