User shows us how to set up FreeBSD to dual boot with Windows 10. In their setup, Windows 10 is already on the laptop, and the drive was partitioned to include FreeBSD. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

If you’re going to install FreeBSD, I suggest you check at least the following two pages for hardware compatibility. Given its relatively smaller user base, manufacturers aren’t as forthcoming with firmware and drivers for operation under FreeBSD. If you want most things to just work out of the box, research compatible hardware options to make sure the computer you’re considering won’t require further configuration after installation. Some incompatibilities can be more troublesome than you might expect–despite what the experts say.

As a rule of thumb, refurbished Think Pads have a high strike rate and can often be picked up at a good price.

I mentioned it was a Dell Inspiron 1545 x64; further hardware specifications are detailed below..

FreeBSD Installation into a dual boot environment with Windows 10 (MBR/BIOS not UEFI)