A computer engineering student asks the r/BSD community if it’s worth learning BSD. Several users chime in and drop some knowledge for the student.

Here are some of the top comments regarding FreeBSD:

If you want bells and whistles, know what dtrace and ZFS are and why you’d want them, I suggest FreeBSD. It has the largest user community of the BSDs and some would say the friendliest. There’s also a desktop-oriented version called TrueOS, which comes with the Lumina desktop environment preinstalled. It’s quite pleasant, but if your goal is to learn BSD, I don’t think it will help you reach your goal easier. – u/bit_of_hope

FreeBSD is a great choice for a general purpose BSD. Coming from Linux and Mac, it would probably be the best introduction to the BSD world. Great documentation. Lots of active mailing lists. Excellent support for virtualization and cloud hosting environments. Explicitly prioritizes mechanism over policy. Strikes an impressive balance between moving slowly (multiple supported releases plus the STABLE branches, and quarterly ports tree branches) and moving quickly (the CURRENT branch and the main ports tree). TrueOS is a desktop-oriented derivative of FreeBSD, and might be a better way to ease into BSD if you are more comfortable in a GUI than a CLI. – u/neirbowj

Does it worth learn BSD for a computer engineering student? from BSD