Colin Percival, known FreeBSD contributor, provides us a detailed blog history / timeline of his work with FreeBSD and Amazon EC2. EC2, or Elastic Compute Cloud, is part of Amazon Web Services cloud hosting platform. His work dates back to 2010, with EC2 being launched in 2006.

A couple years ago Jeff Barr published a blog post with a timeline of EC2 instances. I thought at the time that I should write up a timeline of the FreeBSD/EC2 platform, but I didn’t get around to it; but last week, as I prepared to ask for sponsorship for my work I decided that it was time to sit down and collect together the long history of how the platform has evolved and improved over the years.

Normally I don’t edit blog posts after publishing them (with the exception of occasional typographical corrections), but I do plan on keeping this post up to date with future developments….

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