KDE contributor Adriaan de Groot is nearing the finish line for KDE Plasma 5 on FreeBSD. Below is a summary of what Adriaan has been working on, and users should be able to grab KDE Plasma 5 from the ports very soon.

From here on, we’ve got the following things lined up:

  • Qt 5.10 is being worked on, except for WebEngine (it would slow down an update way too much), because Plasma is going to want Qt 5.10 soon.

  • CMake 3.11 is in the -rc stage, so that is being lined up.

  • The kde5-import branch in KDE-FreeBSD’s copy of the FreeBSD ports tree (e.g. Area51) is being prepped and polished for a few big SVN commits that will add all the new bits. – de Groot

In preparation for finally having the modern KDE desktop stack available via FreeBSD Ports, the older KDE4 ports have been moved aside (but are still accessible via x11/kde4). KDE4 will continue to work for those who have already installed it on FreeBSD, but they are reorganizing these packages in preparation for pushing out the modern KDE Plasma 5 + Apps stack. – Phoronix

Original post: https://euroquis.nl/bobulate/?p=1812

Phoronix: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=KDE-Plasma-5-Soon-For-Ports