User Bit Cannon blogs about his journey of moving away from macOS. He tries various operating systems along the way, such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. Check out his full journal log at the link below.

I continued to be lured by a BSD desktop. The stable base + rolling packages model of the system is appealing. I prefer BSD style licensing, and the flexibility and guarantees that ZFS provides.

I installed FreeBSD alongside Arch on the XPS but laptop support (Wi-Fi, graphics, power efficiency) seems to be quite a bit behind Linux.

Eventually I realised I could try running it on my desktop PC. All the components were well-supported, including the Nvidia graphics card. Nvidia actually release official drivers for FreeBSD.

ZFS likes to use whole disks and one of the benefits of generic desktop hardware is that it’s upgradable. I invested in a trio of 250Gb Samsung 850 SSDs and added them to the system. Then installed FreeBSD 11.1 on them.

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