User ashik details his personal journey of using TrueOS, an open source operating system based on FreeBSD, for the past 8 months. Ashik blogs about the apps be used, such as Thunderbird, weechat, GIMP, Seafile, Rabbitmq, and others. See the link below to see the pros & cons he recognized.

I vowed to write down what I felt about TrueOS if I ever got to the six month mark of usage. This is just that. This is neither a tutorial, nor a piece of evangelism dedicated towards it.

This is also not a review of specific parts of TrueOS such as Lumina or AppCafe, since I don’t use them at all.

In the spirit of presenting a screen shot, here is my i3wm displaying 4 windows in one screen – a configuration that I never use.

The primary tasks I get done with my computer …

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