BSD Magazine volume 12 #3 features an article on managing multiple Perl 6 installations, a quickstart guide on Kubernetes & GKE, an overview of Open vSwitch, a how-to on adding new system tunables to FreeBSD, the state of gaming on OpenBSD, and more. You may download the PDF or EPUB from their website here. Please note that you need to register and login to download.

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I hope this finds you well and in a happy mood since the start of Spring. Today, I am pleased to announce the release of the BSD Magazine issue. I hope it will bring lots of joy, happiness, and fulfilment to you. This is also a special time for those who are waiting for Easter celebration like me. I am optimistic that the holiday period brings hope and faith to sustain us in the coming days. Thus, take delight during this period. If any question arises in your mind during or after reading the articles, please feel free to contact me. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and develop your new skills with our magazine!

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BSD Magazine Issue 03/2018: