User vermaden shows us how to set up Nextcloud 13 on FreeBSD with a detailed guide, from setup to post installation. You may view the full set of instructions at the link below.

Today I would like to share a setup of Nextcloud 13 running on a FreeBSD system. To make things more interesting it would be running inside a FreeBSD Jail. I will not describe the Nextcloud setup itself here as its large enough for several blog posts.

Official Nextcloud 13 documentation recommends following setup:

  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • PHP 7.0 (or newer)
  • Apache 2.4 (with mod_php)

I prefer PostgreSQL database to MySQL/MariaDB and I prefer fast and lean Nginx web server to Apache, so my setup is based on these components:

  • PostgreSQL 10.3
  • PHP 7.2.4
  • Nginx 1.12.2 (with php-fpm)
  • Memcached 1.5.7


Full tutorial:


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