A user on the r/freebsd subreddit asks how he can start contributing to the FreeBSD project. Original users chime in and give the new kid on the block some advice. If you’re looking to help out, we’ve highlighted some of the top comments.

As a past committer/contributor:

Find something small that annoys you. Fix it. Send patch to FreeBSD.

Rinse and repeat, increasing in size of what you fix as you get more experience. While doing this, roughly read the mailing list to track what’s going on in general.

You can also usefully try to hang out in the relevant IRC channels. Last time I checked, there was a useful one in #FreeBSD on Freenode, and the developers used to hang out in #bsdcode on efnet and likely still do. (Not sure if that one is still open – I started it open, but that’s about 15 years ago, and I seem to remember it had been taken closed at some point.) – u/eek04

Subscribe to svn-src-all@ (or one of the subset lists) and freebsd-hackers@ mailing lists to get an idea of where active development takes place. The latter is the best place to ask for reviews, get feedback, and to submit patches if they’re small enough. – u/Lord_Naikon


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