The second BETA for FreeBSD 11.2 is available for testing. A summary of the changes are shown below. You may download the ISO/image file from here.
A summary of changes since 11.2-BETA1 includes:

o Various bug fixes to iflib-related code.

o Boot-time failure fix for the Banana Pi.

o Bug fix in the socket soshutdown() code (PR 227259).

o Context switch optimization for PTI (page table isolation).

o The kldxref(8) startup script has been enabled by default in
  rc.conf(5) on arm SoCs.

o Regression fix in msdosfs(5) for long file names (PR 111843).

o A system panic fix in ng_uncallout() (PR 211031).

o Various DTrace enhancements.

o A fix for missing network interface address when adding a default IPv6
  address based on the link-local address.

o cxgbe(4) firmware has been updated to version

o A fix to ttys(5) to only launch getty(8) if the underlying device

o Build fix for the arm/arm TARGET/TARGET_ARCH (fixes the GUMSTIX SoC

o Support for ifuncs added in the kernel linker for x86-based
  architectures has been implemented.

o Boot-time fixes for the BEAGLEBONE, GUMSTIX, and PANDABOARD SoCs (PR

o A fix to prevent polluting the base system source tree when building
  the arm64/aarch64 TARGET/TARGET_ARCH.

o Bug fix for Intel Bay Trail eMMC controllers.

o Segmentation fault fix on i386 with uptime(1) and w(1) (PR 227552).

A list of changes since 11.1-RELEASE is available in the stable/11
release notes:

Please note, the release notes page is not yet complete, and will be
updated on an ongoing basis as the 11.2-RELEASE cycle progresses.
Original announcement:
FreeBSD 11.2 Beta 2 Available For Testing, Brings PTI Optimization