User vermaden returns with another FreeBSD how-to, this one focusing on setting up the X11 Window System. You may check out his previous blog entries on how to get FreeBSD setup initially, then continue with his latest entry at the link below.

In this article I would like to cover setting up the X11 Window System on FreeBSD.

In cased You missed them here are two other parts of these series:

I always get the impression that the X11 configuration/setup seems to be the seen as hard or weird. I will try to gather all useful information about that topic regarding the FreeBSD operating system. A lot of that is covered in the FreeBSD Handbook – 5.4. Xorg Configuration – section.


First things first, if You find a device that is not supported by any ‘accelerated’ driver like ‘intel‘ or ‘nvidia‘ You would use ‘vesa‘ driver (Video Electronics Standards Association) while booting in BIOS mode and You will use ‘scfb‘ driver (System Console Frame Buffer) while booting on UEFI mode. This can be checked by machdep.bootmethod sysctl(8) parameter.

FreeBSD Desktop – Part 3 – X11 Window System