The developers of FreeNAS have made available version 11.-1-U5. This update features a bug fix to support Self-Encrypted Drives, in addition to many others. You may read the guide below to learn more about SED Devices, and a full list of changes are at the link below. Download the ISO/image file straight from their website, or in the 11.1 directory here.

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the fifth update to FreeNAS 11.1.

Since this is mostly a bug fix update, no changes have been made to the 11.1-U4 version of the Guide. This update did add preliminary support for Self-Encrypting Drives. Refer to Using Self-Encrypted Drives for instructions on how to configure these devices.

Due to the proximity of the upcoming 11.2-BETA1 release, the “Try the BETA UI!” link has been removed from the login screen for 11.1-U5. Users who wish to test the new UI before BETA1 is released are encouraged to create a clone of their current boot environment, switch to the nightlies train, and update to the nightlies. This ensures that there is a stable boot environment to reboot into and upgrade from, once BETA1 is released.

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