TrueOS, also originally known as PC-BSD, has been announced by the developers as reinventing itself as a core operating system, based on FreeBSD operating system. TrueOS is the default operating system for Lumina Desktop Environment. You may read the full statement from their website below.

The TrueOS Project has some big plans in the works, and we want to take a minute and share them with you. Many have come to know TrueOS as the “graphical FreeBSD” that makes things easy for newcomers to the BSDs. Today we’re announcing that TrueOS is shifting our focus a bit to become a cutting-edge operating system that keeps all of the stability that you know and love from ZFS (OpenZFS) and FreeBSD, and adds additional features to create a fresh, innovative operating system. Our goal is to create a core-centric operating system that is modular, functional, and perfect for do-it-yourselfers and advanced users alike.

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