FreeBSD contributor rmacklem has announced pNFS support for the FreeBSD operating system. pNFS, also known as Parallel Network File System, is a protocol introduced in NFS v4.1 and allows for parallel connectivity access for storage devices. You may see the full announcement on the FreeBSD mailing list.

Merge the pNFS server code from projects/pnfs-planb-server into head.

This code merge adds a pNFS service to the NFSv4.1 server. Although it is
a large commit it should not affect behaviour for a non-pNFS NFS server.
Some documentation on how this works can be found at:
and will hopefully be turned into a proper document soon.
This is a merge of the kernel code. Userland and man page changes will
come soon, once the dust settles on this merge.
It has passed a "make universe", so I hope it will not cause build problems.
It also adds NFSv4.1 server support for the "current stateid".

Original announcement:


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