A user on the FreeBSD forums asked the community what they primarily use FreeBSD for. There is a mix of professional, hobby, educational, and research. What do you use it for? Note that this poll only represents a small minority of users on the forum.

I have a FreeBSD workstation, a FreeBSD file/music/webserver, a FreeBSD computer dedicated to music and watching TV with a good DAC and audiosystem connected, a laptop and soon a router (which isn’t quite ready yet, still learning PF). – k.jacker

I get paid to administrate / maintain several FreeBSD systems. This takes up several hours per day. But I also have a FreeBSD server park of my own which I also spend time on. Free time obviously, but that includes part of my vacations. – ShelLuser

Original thread: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/what-is-your-primary-use-of-freebsd-poll.66354/