nixCraft is at it again with another useful guide, this time showing us how to configure a FreeBSD jail with vnet, a network subsystem virtualization infrastructure, and ZFS filesystem. You may view the full set of instructions at the link below.

How do I install and configure a FreeBSD jail with vnet? How do I create FreeBSD jail with /etc/jail.conf without using iocage command or ezjail command line tool?

Introduction: Jails were introduced in FreeBSD 4.x by Poul-Henning Kamp. FreeBSD jail is nothing but operating system-level virtualization that allows partitioning a FreeBSD based Unix server. These mini systems called jails. Jails have their own root user and access rights. Jails can use network subsystem virtualization infrastructure or share existing network. FreeBSD jails are a powerful way to increase the security. Usually, you create jail per services such as web server, VPN server, database server and more. This page shows how to configure a FreeBSD Jail with vnet and ZFS. The following instructions tested on FreeBSD version 11.2.

How to configure a FreeBSD Jail with vnet and ZFS

The procedure to create a FreeBSD jail is as follows as of 11.2:

Full tutorial: