Check out this throwback article highlighting one of the first FreeBSD conferences back in 1999. It was held in Berkeley, where the story of FreeBSD began. See the full article at the link below, you may notice some familiar names.

(IDG) — FreeBSD, a port of BSD Unix to Intel, has been around almost as long as Linux has — but without the media hype. Its developer and user community recently got a chance to get together for the first time, and they did it in the city where BSD — the Berkeley Software Distribution — was born some 25 years ago.

October 17, 1999 marked a milestone in the history of FreeBSD — the first FreeBSD conference was held in the city where it all began, Berkeley, CA. Over 300 developers, users, and interested parties attended from around the globe.

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(Found This Gem Today) CNN – FreeBSDCon’99: Fans of Linux’s lesser-known sibling gather for the first time from freebsd