Original FreeBSD user Matt explains to Linux users the BSD perspective as a user himself. This page is dated to the late 90s–early 00s and offers an interesting insight on the gap between Linux and BSD back then. The whole article is split between 11 pages from the design of the base system to the technical side of ports. Read more at the link below, including a reddit discussion on r/linux.

I run FreeBSD on my computers. A lot of my friends run Linux, or at least one of the distributions of it. Naturally, then, we agree that a Unix-style operating system is the right choice, but we disagree on which to use.

It’s been my impression that the BSD communit{y,ies}, in general, understand Linux far better than the Linux communit{y,ies} understand BSD. I have a few theories on why that is, but that’s not really relevant. I think a lot of Linux people get turned off BSD because they don’t really understand how and why it’s put together. Thus, this rant; as a BSD person, I want to try to explain how BSD works in a way that Linux people can absorb.

Original page: http://www.over-yonder.net/~fullermd/rants/bsd4linux/01

r/linux discussion:

BSD vs Linux (website alone will give you 90’s nostalgia) from linux