User Roman interviews a variety of BSD users coming from different backgrounds all over the world. Some of them are project managers, self-taught, sysadmins, transferred from Linux, have run BSD for over 20 years, security engineers, and others. Check out the full directory at the link below to read about how these folks came to be BSD users.

Started using FreeBSD in mid 1996, I believe at the time it was FreeBSD 3.x – 4.x RELEASE. A friend of mine introduced me to it and I gave it a shot. Couple of installs later… I was loving it.

What I liked about it was the RC system. The simplified flat-file configuration files makes configuring the entire system a breeze. The entire system would be up and running in minutes. – Darryl

People who run BSD:

People who run BSD: A series of BSD user interviews from BSD