User John Paul interviews JT and Ken from the TrueOS team regarding the upcoming Project Trident, slated to take over the desktop/graphical side of TrueOS, while the original name will continue to be developed as its own core operating system. TrueOS is originally based on FreeBSD open source operating system.

It’s FOSS: What is Project Trident?

Project Trident: Project Trident is the continuation of the TrueOS Desktop. Essentially, it is the continuation of the primary “TrueOS software” that people have been using for the past 2 years. The continuing evolution of the entire TrueOS project has reached a stage where it became necessary to reorganize the project. To understand this change, it is important to know the history of the TrueOS project.

Originally, Kris Moore created PC-BSD. This was a Desktop release of FreeBSD focused on providing a simple and user-friendly graphical experience for FreeBSD ….

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An Insight into the Future of TrueOS BSD and Project Trident