User vermaden shows us how to set up Syncthing on FreeBSD operating system. Syncthing is an open-source peer-to-peer (P2P) file synchronization platform, allowing you to decentralize your data and keeping your files only where you want it. You may view the full set of instructions at the link below.

Initially I wanted – similarly like with Nextcloud on FreeBSD – to setup everything in a FreeBSD Jail. The problem is Syncthing does not work in a FreeBSD Jails virtualization as I figured out after several hours of trying to find out what is wrong. The management interface of Syncthing was working as expected and was accessible but the Syncthing on the Android mobile phone was not able to connect/sync with the Syncthing instance in the FreeBSD Jail. Sure I could connect to the Syncthing management interface from the phone but still could not do any backup using Syncthing protocol. Knowing this limitation you have 3 options to choose from: ….

Full tutorial:

Syncthing on FreeBSD