Haiku, an open-source operating system based on BeOS, has made available version R1/beta1. Haiku is unique in that it supports a FreeBSD compatibility layer for network drivers that work on FreeBSD. Head on over to their page to learn more about Haiku, and possibly to try it out for yourself.

Updated Ethernet & WiFi drivers

Our ethernet & WiFi drivers, which are mostly taken from FreeBSD thanks to the use of a KPI compatibility layer, have been upgraded to those from FreeBSD 11.1. This brings in support for the Atheros 9300-9500 families, Intel’s newer “Dual Band” family, some of Realtek’s PCI chipsets, and newer-model chipsets in all other existing drivers.

Additionally, the FreeBSD compatibility layer itself now interfaces with Haiku’s support for MSI-X interrupts properly, meaning that WiFi and ethernet drivers will now take advantage of it where possible, leading to significant improvements in latency and throughput. Most network drivers on Haiku now perform nearly identically well compared to how they do on FreeBSD.

Note that USB WiFi chipsets are still not supported as the compatibility layer does not support interfacing with USB devices yet; however, work to support these has begun, it just was not completed in time for the release.

Official announcement: https://www.haiku-os.org/get-haiku/release-notes/

Packtpub: https://hub.packtpub.com/the-haiku-operating-system-has-released-r1-beta1/