User Chris Kennedy walks us through configuring his own FreeBSD with network, jails, and setting up Jenkins. Check out the link below to see the details of his journey diving into FreeBSD after spending time with Linux. 

FreeBSD is a robust operating system that has its roots in the Bell Laboratories Unix Operating System. Technically, FreeBSD is derived from the BSD, Berkeley Software Distribution Unix. Now that you’re all caught up, why FreeBSD?

I’ve been obsessing lately with how things work. Well, specifically, I’ve been obsessing with how computers work (try as I might, I’ll never understand my car’s cooling system). The CPU clocks, counters, registers, networks, I/O, all of it. I’ve been getting lost in books such as The Elements of Computing Systems, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, The Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook, and a ton of others (I will include links below). Needless to say, there is a lot to it. But, there was one thing in common with all of the material I was reading and referencing: “Use Unix”. You can infer that to mean “Use Linux and/or Unix”. …

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