The developers of FreeBSD have made available the second BETA of version 12.0. Changes in this version are binary compilation debug fix, gif_interfaces rc.conf(5) variable restored, Linux compatibility layer update, driver removals, and various bug fixes. As usual, try it out in a non-production environment. You may download the ISO/image file here.

A summary of changes since 12.0-BETA1 includes:

o A debug option during binary compilation which was missed when
  branching stable/12 had been turned off.

o The gif_interfaces rc.conf(5) variable had been restored.  (PR 204700)

o The timezone database files have been updated to version 2018f.

o The debug.witness.trace entry in sysctl.conf(5) on installation media
  had been removed.

o A system panic triggered by a combination of lagg(4) and vlan(4) had
  been fixed.  (PR 227654)

o The ability to prevent interrupting the boot process without entering
  the password in loader.conf(5) had been fixed.  (PR 207069)

o Several drivers originally targeted for removal in 12.0-RELEASE had
  been removed from the GENERIC kernel configuration on amd64 and i386.

o An off-by-one error that could lead to a system panic with the
  sound(4) driver had been fixed.

o The mlx5(4) driver had been updated to notify when a port on
  ConnectX-6 network cards had been turned off due to insufficient

o The filter_reloc() function in objcopy(1) had been restored, which
  fixes building GCC.

o The shared library version of OpenSSL in the base system had been
  increased from '9' to '111' in order to prevent shared library version
  collisions with OpenSSL installed via pkg(8) or the Ports Collection.

o Updates to the Linux compatibility layer.

o The ae(4), bm(4), cs(4), de(4), dme(4), ed(4), ep(4), ex(4), fe(4),
  pcn(4), sf(4), sn(4), tl(4), tx(4), txp(4), vx(4), wb(4), and xe(4)
  drivers have been deprecated.

Please note, the release notes page is not yet complete, and will be
updated on an ongoing basis as the 12.0-RELEASE cycle progresses.

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