User genneko shares us their notes on what they learned about FreeBSD after using it in a production environment. They walk us through templates, configuring the jail NAT, to building the VIMAGE-enabled kernel. See the link below for the author’s notes to learn something new about jails.

I have heard about jails many times since my early days of FreeBSD life but it was only the last year I began to use it in production.

This article is a sort of personal notebook where I summarize what I learned about jails. It would be frequently updated as I learn more.


  • The host is running FreeBSD 11.2/amd64 on ZFS.
  • Each jail has a separate root dataset under /vm on the host.
  • Template datasets are created under /vm/tmpl like /vm/tmpl/11.2.
  • Jails are generated by cloning or send/receive(copying) a template dataset. ….

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