User Wesley Moore shows us how to get Stardew Valley up and running on FreeBSD. Moore credits oshogbo’s post earlier with helping him get Stardew Valley to work properly, among other games. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

In, A Year Away From Mac OS, I wrote about my switch to FreeBSD on my desktop computer and noted one of the downsides was losing Stardew Valley:

“I initially missed playing the game Stardew Valley on FreeBSD. It was consuming a few hours of my time each week prior to the FreeBSD install. The extra friction of rebooting into Arch to run the game basically stopped me playing, which wasn’t entirely a bad thing. There was some recent progress running Stardew Valley on OpenBSD so I could look into porting that work… I have enough side projects as it is though.” – oshogbo

Fortunately Mariusz Zaborski (oshogbo) did the porting work and you can now play Stardew Valley (and other games) on FreeBSD. In this post I’ll describe the steps I took to get it running.

Full tutorial: