User PanoramaCircle does a video review of the latest GhostBSD 18.10. This version in particular is now based on TrueOS, an open-source operating system based on FreeBSD itself. We have come full circle. In the video you will see things like Doom, LibreOffice, GIMP, video playback, and screensavers being tested. Check it out below.

You might have heard about BSD which is ultimately derived from UNIX back in the workstation days. It is not Linux even though it is similar in many ways because Linux was designed to follow UNIX principles.

Nowadays if you want some of that BSD on your personal desktop how to go about? There is a distro called GhostBSD which is now based on TrueOS which itself is derived from FreeBSD. Seeing is believing, so check out the video of the install and some apps as well!

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GhostBSD 18.10 is now based on TrueOS – Easiest BSD distro for beginners!

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I liked the default applications GhostBSD shipped with. The software included is mostly similar to what we would find in a mainstream Linux distribution and most of the extra applications I wanted could be found through the package manager. Speaking of package management, I think OctoPkg is capable, but not particularly user friendly. Even as a low level package manager, it takes some getting used to, compared to Muon or Synaptic. OctoPkg works, but I’m hoping future versions of GhostBSD are able to adopt a more beginner friendly software manager.