User Mehedi Hasan lists 20 things that other users of either FreeBSD or Linux should know about the respective open-source operating systems. Hasan breaks it down with comparisons from the jargons, the history, development, licenses, packages, shell, all the way to documentation and security.

If you’re an avid Linux system user like me or are working as a sysadmin for managing company networks, chances are you’ve stumbled at least once with terms like FreeBSD and BSD. So, what are these and what is their significance? In this guide, we’ll cover the differences between FreeBSD vs Linux thoroughly, and will also highlight their similarities at the same time. Overall, our objective is to enlighten our readers about the different variations of the infamous Unix systems and how they are categorized. Stay tuned throughout this guide to learn more about these legacy systems in order to choose the right one for your job.

FreeBSD vs Linux: 20 Things To Know About Both The System