User Ranvir Singh shows us how to get the open-source operating system FreeBSD running in a virtual environment with VirtualBox. Setting up a FreeBSD VM is a great way to try out the system before installing it on bare metal. Follow the link below for the full set of instructions.

FreeBSD is probably one of the strongest competitors of Linux in the open source world. It powers Netflix, it is used by Juniper and NetApp devices, it is used by WhatsApp, it is used in PS4 and MacOS X and the list goes on and on. As a standalone operating system, it is known for its clean distinction between userland and operating system, native support for OpenZFS including features like boot environments, a very liberal BSD license, dTrace support and a mature networking stack.

If you wish to learn more about it a great way to get started is by installing it in a Virtual Machine. We will be using VirtualBox to install a FreeBSD VM. You will notice a couple of terminologies that are different from that of Linux world. As we go along, we will discover the proper meaning of these terms too.

Full tutorial: