User Josphat Mutai shows us how to get PHP 7.2 as well as MariaDB 10.3 set up on FreeBSD 12. There are two separate walk-throughs which will help you set up an open-source powered web server. See the links below for the full set of instructions:

Hello good folks. This month I decided to give FreeBSD a try and see if can use it as my blog hosting server. As part of learning, I’m writing this article on how to install PHP 7.2 on FreeBSD 12.x.

FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system which provides some good features such as preemptive multitasking, memory protection, virtual memory, support for jails, multi-user facilities, SMP support, Extensive security features e.t.c.

How to Install PHP 7.2 on FreeBSD 12

How to Install MariaDB 10.3 on FreeBSD 12