User vermaden explains the Samba/SMB protocol (Server Message Block), or CIFS (Common Internet File System), and how it works on the FreeBSD operating system. He also shows how to set up an SMB share by installing the Samba package. SMB is commonly used to access from a Windows system. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

If you use FreeBSD/Illumos/Linux (or other UNIX/Unix-like system) there is big chance that you do not like – to say the least – the Windows world, but sometimes there is need to share some files with the Windows world. This is where Samba project comes handy. Today I would like to share minimalistic and simple Samba configuration and also a way to access SMB/CIFS shares from a FreeBSD machine.

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SMB/CIFS on FreeBSD from freebsd