Jesse Smith of DistroWatch reviews the latest FreeBSD 12.0. He talks about the install process, his early impressions upon running the OS, using it on a VirtualBox VM, package management, boot, and more. See the link below for the detailed report.

FreeBSD FreeBSD is a member of the UNIX family of operating systems and probably the most widely used member of the major BSD flavours. FreeBSD offers a famously stable and high performance core which has resulted in the operating system being used by Netflix to stream content and by Sony as a basis for their PlayStation operating system. FreeBSD tends to be especially popular on servers where long term reliability is required. Though FreeBSD can function as a desktop operating system, its market share on the desktop remains low and people who want to run a FreeBSD-based desktop are likely to use a related project such as GhostBSD where the graphical configuration has been done for us.

DistroWatch review: