Ed Maste gives us an update on the work that the FreeBSD Foundation has made possible for the FreeBSD operating system. Since last December, they have worked on Capsicum, improving the continuous integration (CI) system, telemetry and metrics regarding CPU architecture, tool chain, NUMA, performance, embedded platform, laptop/desktop support, and containers. See the link below for the full and detailed report.

As the year wraps up we’ve looked back at what we’ve accomplished in 2018. Work continues on some projects, such as online RAID-Z expansion, but we’re now starting to look ahead at the work we’ll sponsor in 2019.

Some of the broad themes we’re investigating are described below. We need to prioritize and select individual projects, and welcome your feedback and project grant proposals.

December 2018 Foundation Update: https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/blog/december-2018-development-projects-update/