User ungleich writes about getting rid of IPv4 and using IPv6 on your FreeBSD operating system. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

Imagine, it is 2019. Easy, ha? Imagine, it is 2019 and you want to turn off IPv4. Like, off off. Really off. Not disabling IPv6, but disabling IPv4.

Two steps back

You might be coming here wondering, why would anybody want to do what we are asking to be done. Well, it is dead simple: We are running data centers (like Data Center Light) with a lot of IPv6 only equipment. There simply is no need for IPv4. So why would we want to have it enabled?

Also, here at ungleich, we defined 2019 as the year to move away from IPv4.ipv4-header-1

The challenge ….

Full tutorial:

How to turn off IPv4 in FreeBSD (first in the list) from freebsd