User vermaden shows us how to get GlusterFS Cluster set up on your FreeBSD operating system, along with Ansible and GNU Parallel. GlusterFS is a network file system designed for scalable cloud storage. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

Here are its advantages:

  • Scales to several petabytes.
  • Handles thousands of clients.
  • POSIX compatible.
  • Uses commodity hardware.
  • Can use any ondisk filesystem that supports extended attributes.
  • Accessible using industry standard protocols like NFS and SMB.
  • Provides replication/quotas/geo-replication/snapshots/bitrot detection.
  • Allows optimization for different workloads.
  • Open Source.

Lab Setup

It will be entirely VirtualBox based and it will consist of 6 hosts. To not create 6 same FreeBSD installations I used 12.0-RELEASE virtual machine image available from the FreeBSD Project directly: ….

Full tutorial:

GlusterFS Cluster on FreeBSD with Ansible and GNU Parallel